Connecting Students with Senior Executives to Solve Corporate Problems

The Berkeley Innovation Forum Invites University Students to participate in “Corporate Challenge Platform” to facilitate serious discussions between Senior Corporate Executives and students worldwide. Industry leaders in Technology, Health Care, Automobile, Services, etc. will submit a company challenge to be solved by university students. Students who are passionate about employing their innovative and creative talents will work with Senior Corporate Executives (Innovation Mentors) to address real world challenges companies are facing.


Value for Students
  1. Opportunity to work with Senior Corporate Executives of global brands for accelerated learning.
  2. Win Open Innovation Award presented by Professor Henry Chesbrough, the Father of Open Innovation.
  3. Enhance your portfolio by finding solutions to corporate challenges.
  4. Increase your marketability for global leadership positions.
Application and Review Process
  1. Students must submit an abstract outlining the solution/scope to the challenge. The abstract must be 500 words or less.
  2. The Innovation Mentor for each challenge will review and assess each abstract for likelihood of viability.
  3. Students will be contacted by an Innovation Mentor.
  4. Students with viable abstracts will move to the next round and additional instructions will be provided by the Innovation Mentor.
  5. Students with winning solutions will receive an Open Innovation Award presented by Professor Henry Chesbrough, the Father of Open Innovation at the Berkeley Innovation Forum.
Value for Corporations
  1. Capture the global brain of ideas from a worldwide network of students with a digital mindset.
  2. Expand your horizons by working with students from diverse international backgrounds and disciplines.
  3. Leverage Berkeley’s ecosystem of a worldwide network of Open Innovation researchers and experts.
  4. Receive input on Open Innovation & Business Model strategies from Professors Chesbrough & Darwin.


Current Corporate Challenges

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The 5th Annual World Open Innovation was held in San Francisco, CA. Open Innovation experts shared the latest on “Digital Transformation for Sustainability”

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“Creating Business Value From Open Innovation: Connecting the Front-end of Innovation with the Back-end” || Fall 2018 Berkeley Innovation Forum, Sept. 18 – 21, 2018

BIF Spring 2018

“Learning from AI Led Business Models Across Industries: Use Cases, Challenges, Opportunities” || Spring 2018 Berkeley Innovation Forum, April 10- 11, 2018

World Open Innovation Conference 2017

Industry Practitioners and Academics gathered in San Francisco to discuss the latest Open Innovation trends at the 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference.

BIF Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 Berkeley Innovation Forum was held at UC Berkeley. Industry experts spoke on “Challenges in Transitioning to New Business Models”.

Open Innovation Forum India

To bring together innovative firms to build scalable and sustainable business models through Open Innovation to unlock growth opportunities in emerging markets.

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