Garwood Innovation Fellow

Garwood Center is offering an executive program at the birth place of  Open Innovation. As a Garwood Innovation Fellow, you will have access to renowned faculty, courses, research resources, student projects, and opportunities to  network with Silicon Valley executives. A Garwood Innovation Fellow can participate in a mentorship program with MBA students to develop working relationships with potential collaborators. Learn about rising trends within Open Innovation, build an affinity group, solve problems, and experiment with new ideas.

    • World-leading executives who practice Open Innovation.
    • International Executives who want to expand their network within Silicon Valley.
    • Industry experts seeking new opportunities in Open Innovation.
    • Post-career executives looking to share their experience and knowledge with Open Innovation students.
    • Government officers who lead innovation policy.

Gain access to current innovation and management theories, exposure to Cal research and Bay Area start-ups. Receive opportunities to work with peers and MBA’s on applied projects. Work on projects that can be brought back to the company, such as case studies or teaching modules. A Garwood Innovation Fellow will work within small groups, for intimate interactions and think across functions and industry.

Value Proposition:

  • Access to Haas innovation classes and workshops.
  • Development of teaching modules and case studies.
  • Personal  executive office and library access.
  • Course materials and resources.
  • J-1 Visa invitation fees for international executives (optional).


Semester Outlook:

  • VIP access to new technology through Cal and partnership links with Bay Area tech showcase events.
  • Mentor MBA students to develop working relationships with industry leaders.
  • Independent research projects to develop case studies and create teaching modules.
  • Access to Garwood events and Berkeley Innovation Forum (BIF) network.
  • Option to attend Berkeley Haas classes.

2019 Garwood Innovation Fellows

Tianjin Ren 

Tianjin Ren explores possible applications of Open Innovation methods in art & modern Chinese calligraphy.

Wang Kai

Wang Kai will study the impact of Organizational Changes post implementation of Open Innovation process in marketing channels in Chinese firms.

Xinjin Fan

Xinjin Fan will study innovation processes within high-tech enterprises in Silicon Valley, on applying Open Innovation in cloud computing for high-tech enterprises.

Hongxiao Zhou

Hongxiao Zhou will explore policies and methods that enable Open Innovation between regional & central government structures to expand markets.

Ge Penjin

Ge Penjin will focus on understanding the role of Open Innovation in the governance of industrial park platforms.

Xinqiao Wang

Xinqiao Wang will study Open Innovation process in online community-based software development firms

Hu Yang

Hu Yang will explore the impact of Open Innovation process on project management models in the engineering industry.

2018 Garwood Innovation Fellow

Ambassador V. Ashok 

Ambassador V. Ashok, Indian Foreign Service, retired in the rank of Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in October 2018, after serving for 36 years in various capacities in countries around the world, including as Ambassador of India to the Czech Republic and to the Republic of Zimbabwe. He also served as India’s alternate governor and alternate permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, following a stint at the Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai. Amb. Ashok is a graduate in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. 

2016 Garwood Innovation Fellows

Manav Subodh | CV

Manav Subodh is the Executive Director of Hypershift, one of the first corporate accelerators in India based on lean startup methodology and is a Founding Board Member of 1M1B (1 Million for 1 Billion), a global initiative to activate a million people to create jobs and innovations to impact a billion people. He was featured in Forbes as “The Man Who Will Help 1 Billion People”. Earlier, Manav worked for Intel corporation and led Intel’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship agenda in over 30 countries including the Intel CEO inspired Corporate Innovation initiative on Wearable computing. Manav has also worked for Ernst and Young (EY), Hughes and QAI.

2015 Garwood Innovation Fellows

Mohi Ahmed | CV

Dr. Mohi Ahmed is the Senior Director of Open Innovation Program at Fujitsu and was named one of the world’s key “idea practitioners” in the book “What’s the Big Idea?” Mohi is a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School in Boston and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo and has a PhD in Communications from Simon Fraser University in Canada. His current research topic is: Open (Innovation and Marketing) Platform for Doing Well by Doing Good.

Gunso Kim | CV

Gunso Kim received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Yonsei University in 2010. He served as Assistant Mayor of IT for the Seoul Metropolitan Government. He serves as Secretary General of WeGO(World eGovernment Organization of Cities and Local Governments). Under his experience, Seoul was ranked #1 out of 60 big cities in the world for eGovernment cities by the United Nations. His interests are in Digital Economy that covers Bigdata, IOT and ICT. He wonders how new technologies can accelerate Open Innovation in governments and companies.

Todd Schofield | CV

Todd Schofield holds Global Executive MBA degrees from both the National University of Singapore and UCLA. He is currently the Managing Director of SC Studios, LLC, for Standard Chartered Bank in San Francisco. Schofield holds more than 20 years of experience in large-scale corporate technology and innovation, and has been named a Top 25 Global CTO and Top 25 Information Manager.

Philipp Skogstad | CV

Driven by curiosity and the desire to improve people’s lives, Philipp envisions and creates products and organizations. He is an expert in design thinking, innovation, and change management, who combines technology, business, and empathy to implement change in an agile fashion with customers. His leadership style emphasizes collaborative learning through rapid prototyping.
His academic credentials include a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with focus on design methodology and innovation management from Stanford University and a MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Prior to joining SAP, Philipp worked in the automotive, defense, and IT industry. He was also the Deputy Director of the Center for Design Research at Stanford University and a student in Hasso Plattner’s first course at Stanford’s He is a dual citizen of Germany and the United States.