Programs for Executives

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation offers a series of programs that enable forward-thinking executives to create and develop innovative business ideas.  The programs vary in duration and level of engagement to serve a variety of corporate and executive needs.  Garwood’s Programs for Executives provide a unique opportunity to engage with respected executives and academics on new concepts in business model innovation, Open Innovation strategies and the application of startup models in a corporate context. Business executives interact with each other and with scholars to develop an in-depth understanding in Open Innovation. Each program offered at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation creates a dynamic experience for business executives.

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The center organizes the Berkeley Innovation Forum, a membership conference hosted by Open Innovation expert Dr. Henry Chesbrough that provides a platform for business leaders to create, exchange, and develop solutions to business challenges.  The Chief Innovation Officers Roundtable is an intimate gathering of executives interested in the implementation of open innovation and new business models, featuring distinguished guest speakers from some of the most respected companies.  

The Berkeley Innovation Forum brings together executives from over 40 member firms—across a range of industries—to share their innovation-management successes and obstacles. Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Professor Solomon Darwin, and forum members all offer support and potential industry solutions.

Engagement Opportunities

The CIO Roundtable is a quarterly, invitation-only event for chief innovation officers. Attendees have the opportunity to explore leading-edge innovation concepts, such as autonomous factories and innovation as a service.

Executive Education

The Executive Education short course Corporate Business Model Innovation: How to Identify New Sources of Growth  will help you and your company learn how to develop, evaluate and scale new business models inside your company.

The Garwood Innovation Fellows program gives executives-in-residence the opportunity to work with the unparalleled Garwood network on their organizations’ most pressing innovation challenges or on a project of their choice.  Learn about rising trends within Open Innovation, build an affinity group, solve problems, and experiment with new ideas.