The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2019 and Challenges Beyond

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded

Stephen Hawking

Ultimately, AI will dematerialize, demonetize and democratize all services, dramatically improving the quality of life for 8 billion people, pushing us closer towards a world of abundance.

Peter Diamandis

Chairman , X Prize

Chief Guests:  Stratos Nguyen Davlos, VP- AI IBM Watson Data & AI

Date: June 28, 2019

Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm

IBM Almaden Research Center (650 Harry Rd, San Jose, CA 95120)

About the Speaker:

Stratos Nguyen Davlos, Vice President – AI, IBM Watson Data and AI

Table Chair: Solomon Darwin,  Executive Director, Garwood Center for Corporate

Stratos Davlos, leads the brightest minds in the cognitive technology community to create industrial strength, ubiquitous AI Watson products, by combining IBM’s extensive research and engineering capabilities. He is co-located at IBM’s world-class Silicon Valley research facility, IBM Research – Almaden in San Jose, California and the state-of-the-art Watson West Experience Center in San Francisco.

Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Davlos was the CTO and Sr. Vice President of Platform Engineering and Data Science at Reliance Jio. His AI-focused career spans many years of executive technology management and development at Apple, Kaidara, eGain, Inference Corporation and National Energy Services. Mr. Davlos received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Cranfield University, UK. He holds numerous patents and has received many honors and awards. Mr. Davlos joined IBM’s pre-eminent Watson AI team in July 2018.


8:45am Networking Breakfast

Presentation by Stratos Nguyen Davlos


Q&A with Discussants Stratos Davlos & Jim Spohrer, moderated by Solomon Darwin


Program ends at IBM followed by networking lunch at Plug and Play


Fireside Chat “Challenges in Incorporating AI into Business Models” Will Decker, VP, Plug & Play

2:00pm Session Ends


Applied Materials: Mimi Dao, Managing Director of IP Legal
CISCO : Param Singh, Head of Partnerships and Platform
CISCO: Munish Khetrapal,  Chief Technology Officer – Public Sector
EzDI: Neil Shah, Chief innovation officer
GS Labs: Sungene Ryang, Executive Innovation Officer
IBM: Jim Spohrer, Director, Cognitive Opentech Group
Fujitsu Open Innovation Gateway: Dave Marvit , Innovation Strategist
Fujitsu Open Innovation Gateway: Mohi Ahmed, Senior Director
SJ Reading Co: Steven Reading, Principal
Standard Chartered: Amar Singh Rathor, Executive Director
Tech Mahindra Americas Inc: Tejas Desai, Vice President
Tech Mahindra Americas Inc: Rahul Bhuman, Vice President
Tech Mahindra Americas Inc: Vijay Nadkarni, VP, Artificial Intelligence
Tech Mahindra Americas Inc: Dr. Pandian Angaiyan, CTO – Hi Tech
WIPRO: Nitin Narkhede, GM – Emerging Technologies and Innovation
Power Grid Corp. of India: Rajiv Kumar, Executive Director
Power Grid Corp. of India: Nand Kishor Ohdar, Executive Director
Power Grid Corp. of India: Pramod Kumar, Chief General Manager
Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Dr. Tom Gu, Vice Dean
Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai: Dr. Peijian Ge, Vice Chairman & GM
thyssenkrupp: Arding Hsu, Senior Advisor


FanNet Cloud Computing: Dr. Xinjin Fan, CEO FAN-Net
Alstrom Energy Group – ABB:  Dr. Kai Wang, Consulting Partner
Xing Import & Export Trade: Dr. Tianjin Ren, CEO & Founder
State Bank Of India: Ramesh Babu Boddu, COO and MD
State Bank Of India: Praveena Kala, Chief General Manager
State Bank Of India: Narayanan Sadanandan, Chief General Manager
REC Ltd: Debjani Chakrabarti, Executive Director
REC Ltd: Vijay Kumar Singh, Executive Director
Power Finance Corporation: K V V Satyanarayana, Executive Director
Power Finance Corporation: Palka Sahni, Executive Director
Power Finance Corporation: Yakasiri Venugopal, Additional GM
Natl. Highways Development Corp: Anup Purkayastha, GM
Tata Steel Limited: Rajeev Singhal, Vice President – Raw Material
Tata Steel Limited: Debashis Bhattacharjee, VP, Tech-New Materials
Tata Steel Limited: Uttam Singh, VP – Steel Manufacturing
Tata Steel Limited: Probal Ghosh, Chief of Mechanical Maintenance
Natsteel Holdings: Ashish Anupam, President & CEO
SBI Capital Markets Limited: Arun Kumar Jain, VP – Investment Bank
All India Management Association (AIMA): Neeraj Kapoor, Director
All India Management Association (AIMA): Bijoy Philip, Deputy Director