WOIC 2015 Group Pic

A World Wide Network of Open Innovation Experts 

2nd Annual World Open Innovation Conference

The 2nd Annual World Open Innovation Conference, held in Silicon Valley on November 18-20, 2015 brought together leading academic scholars and prominent business practitioners.  This sold-out three-day event hosted over 170 dynamic industry and academic leaders for an opportunity to dialogue about Open Innovation. In its second year, the World Open Innovation Conference served as a unique space to network, collaborate, and learn about the latest Open Innovation research and practices. Industry leaders had an opportunity to submit business problems prior to the event. Each problem was evaluated by industry and academic leaders; solutions were proposed by selected experts in the field of Open Innovation.  

The 2nd Annual World Open Innovation Conference hosted industry professionals from world-renowned companies. The pre-conference event began with a tour of the Google Headquarters, followed by an invigorating talk from Mahesh Krishnaswamy about Google [x] Project Loon. The connection between Google’s current innovation projects and Open Innovation was highly noted and led to thought-provoking questions from the audience. This event set the tone for the conference, which was brought to completion with a closing reception at Fujitsu’s Open Innovation Gateway.

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