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International Companies Visited by Garwood:

  • NORWAY, November 2014: Professor Henry Chesbrough was invited by Gunn Ovesen, CEO of Innovation Norway, to give support on current Open Innovation programs.
  • SPAIN, January 2015: Professor Henry Chesbrough made an informal visit to the BBVA Innovation Center, where he talked to different members and staff about Open Innovation.
  • JAPAN, February 2015: Daikin manufacturing company in Osaka, Japan, invited Professor Henry CHesbrough to a workshop on Open Innovation.
  • BRUSSELS, February 2015: From Open Science to Open Innovation, Professor Henry Chesbrough speaks on Open Innovation and applies it to Open Science research
  • INDIA, March 2015: President Pranab Mukherjee and Indian Government Officials dialogue about the value of Open Innovation at Rashtrapati Bhavan, India’s state capital.




International Corporate Visitors to Garwood:

  • CHINA, October 2014: Over 20 delegates from the Chinese government learned about Open Innovation from Professor Darwin, who emphasized America’s use of the Triple Helix Model: an Open Innovation ecosystem between government, industry, and academia.
  • FRANCE, November 2014: Professor Henry Chesbrough sits with the Winnovation France team as they seek to apply more Open Innovation strategies to their current business model.
  • COLOMBIA, November 2014: Colombia University visits the Garwood Center to learn more about Open Innovation strategies from Dr. Sohyeong Kim.
  • GERMANY, February 2015: The board of directors of DB mobility, one of the leading passengers and logistics companies in the world, learned about disruptive innovation to re-shift the service of their products.
  • UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), February 2015: The Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates’ cabinet visited the Garwood Center for collaboration to start their new Open Innovation Center.