Open Innovation Project: Meet the team of House of Alva

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“House of Alva is an ethical and socially conscious brand committed to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The brand designs Silk Kantha scarves handmade by women artisans of The Sewing Projects and hand Block Printed scarves made by 4th generation block printing masters in Bagru, Rajasthan using natural and vegetable dyes.”

Last Friday, the Open Innovation Research Project officially launched. Students joined an exciting research project to work with the founders of House of Alva, Ms. Mudita Tiwari, an alumnus of Goldman School of Public Policy; and Mr. Ram Shanmugam, an alumnus of Haas School of Business.

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House of Alva is a brand committed to investing in women’s economic well-being and financial future; their support extends towards the women as they learn about simple financial literacy and livelihood to personal hygiene and well being. This semester,  students will develop an efficient marketing and brand strategy while leveraging Open Innovation to help House of Alva make a smooth and successful entry into the US market.

At our first meeting, Ms. Mudita Tiwari brought in some of the best sellers of House of Alva. The House of Alva team will utilize Open Innovation knowledge and ideas to expand their brand.

House of Alva now features four collections of scarves: Handmade Kantha Silk Scarves, Hand Block Printed Scarves, Handmade Silk Scarves and Woven Luxury Scarves. Each collection is elegant and delicate––they speak about the philosophy of House of Alva, a brand that strives to find patronage for the artisans and their communities, and provides buyers with exquisite and luxurious handmade scarves.

For more information, please visit House of Alva’s website:


This blog was contributed by Veronica Y. Peng, a senior pursuing a double major in Applied Math & Economics at UC Berkeley.