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When Professor Darwin was a student at Skyline College, he never imagined that he’d one day be back providing words of advice- “Keys to Success,” to be exact, as the event, hosted by the college’s Public Speaking Club on October 27th, was called. A Skyline alum himself, Professor Darwin reflects on his experiences as both a janitor and a student on academic probation during his time there. Years later, Professor Darwin returns to his alma mater to encourage students towards the infinite possibilities that await them.

Professor Darwin captured the audience’s interest right at the beginning via a personality test, sorting students into three categories: innovators, inventors, and catalysts. “In order to make a company, you need all of them,” Professor Darwin went on to point out. “They all have different personalities. It’s these three personalities that make a successful business.”

Professor Darwin went on to describe the eight elements of a business model, later personified by his colleague Alex Andon.  A multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Andon shares similar roots in Professor Darwin’s story: taking a simple idea to the market. The speeches were concluded with a dynamic Q&A session with the audience. In the spirit of Open Innovation, Professor Darwin hopes to continue sharing his own story in hopes of reminding others that it all starts with one thing: an idea.


By Jon Caña