The Open Innovation Speaker Series is a weekly series intended to provide both academic and managerial perspectives on open innovation and related subjects.

The organizers are Dr. Henry Chesbrough and Professor Solomon Darwin of the Program in Open Innovation at UC Berkeley. The Speaker Series is open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Past speakers have ranged from professors of the Harvard Business School, London Business School and Oxford Business School, to executive directors from large corporations such as Cisco, P&G, Google, Wells Fargo and IBM, as well as the U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

Our Speakers have included:

Aneesh Chopra,  Sec. of Technology Aneesh Chopra,
Sec. of Technology
Jim Spohrer of IBM Jim Spohrer
of IBM
John Roese of Huawei John Roese
of Huawei

The fundamental topic of discussion is open innovation. Companies are suggested to re-orient their management processes to make greater use of external knowledge in their own innovation systems. Related topics include the opportunity to engage with customers in a more participatory process, advancing science through more open, collaborative, and rapid means, and creating markets and pathways for people around the world to connect and innovate.

The Speaker Series grants students and faculty at UC Berkeley an opportunity to better understand the practicalities of open innovation in the real world. Speakers are able to speak about both the benefits and disadvantages of innovation in a global context and address the inquiries of those interested in pursuing the field in an in-depth focus.

As a result, speakers are able to give MBA students real value, as government members, corporate executives and renowned researchers share the value of real world experimental learning and information on the latest state of the art research.