The Program in Open Innovation has increased its efforts to work closely with other departments at the Haas School of Business to grant students the opportunity to work with companies on a whole spectrum of innovative ideas. Dr. Chesbrough believes that the primary goal of the Center is not only to strengthen collaboration, but also promote risk-taking opportunities. The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation has granted Dr. Chesbrough the ability to freely experiment and explore different ideas. Through his years of working at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, he has constantly worked on creative projects with large companies such as Nokia and HP, while at the same time he teaches students, faculty and corporate executives the importance of business model innovation.

[quote  type=”center”]“We are all about collaboration and teamwork here at Berkeley. That is part of our DNA.”

Dr. Henry Chesbrough [/quote]

In addition to the many activities occurring within in the Haas School of Business, the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation is also launching an International Executive Program on Open Innovation. Thirty-five chief executive officers from China’s top tier corporations are expected to come to Berkeley in the spring of 2013 to learn about open innovation. As the overseeing faculty director, Professor Solomon Darwin has worked with the Center for Executive Education to develop and organize the curriculum for this upcoming event.  Professor Darwin believes that it is through such large scale activities that the Center is able to gain an effective global outreach opportunity to spread the word on open innovation.