UC Berkeley has a renowned reputation around the world for its research activities. Each year the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation receives dozens of proposals from foreign institutes to spend time as a visiting scholar on campus. Though the Center gives each applicant an equal weight in terms of admission, Dr. Chesbrough has specifically noted that his selection weighs more towards candidates with good research training backgrounds, as well as those who are able to collaborate with UC Berkeley. Upon selection, applicants spend six to twelve months at the university as a visiting scholar and are granted a variety of privileges, including access to the university library, lectures, IT tools and additional campus resources. Visiting scholars work on joint projects, interact with PhD, MBA students and faculty; and participate in the intellectual life of the Haas School of Business. Each year IBI hosts visiting scholars from around the world (e.g. Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, etc.).  IBI is currently hosting scholars from six countries.