In November 2011, the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation hosted the 2011 World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation: Bridging Mass Customization & Open Innovation.  The four-day event consisted of a research and innovation conference and a business seminar with an attendance of 450 people. 

The Research and Innovation Seminar was based primarily on research and application‐focused topics. Over 250 research presentations were organized to provide in‐depth discussions of all topics presented during the conference. Special showcase sessions and showcase symposia offered a focused perspective on themes and management practitioners.  The business-oriented discussions provided an innovative platform for business managers to share their ideas on mass customization and open innovation. The seminar aims to connect managers in peer‐to‐peer interaction to foster intense discussion facilitated by presentations from industry leaders and the seminar faculty.

MCPC 2011 Conference Co-Chairs

Henry Chesbrough Frank Piller
Henry Chesbrough
University of California, Berkeley
Frank Piller 
RWTH Aachen University
Solomon Darwin Mitchell Tseng
Solomon Darwin
University of California, Berkeley
Mitchell Tseng