Guest speaker: Param Singh, IoT Advisor to CIO of San Francisco. Advisor to IoT startups.

Table Topic: IoT Interoperability & Smart Cities

Host Ayan Mukerji (Chief Executive of Wipro’s Media) and Nitin Narkhede, (General Manager of Emergin Technologies)

Date and Time: Friday, Sept. 25th, 2015  @ 12pm – 2pm

Location:  Wipro HQ, 425 National Avenue, Suite 200, Mountain View, CA 94043

Param Singh is a product marketer and strategist with domain expertise in bringing platforms and apps to market. He is adept at conceptualizing creative solutions that bridge strategy and execution, scaling products to profitability, managing cross-functional global teams and execution focus to bringing apps and platforms to market.

About the Event:

IoT and Smart Cities have become commonly used phrases and yet not well understood. What are some of the key challenges involved in these technologies? What are their applications to both business and smart cities? A majority of M2M and Smart City solutions are vertical silos with limited interoperability and is limiting the potentiality of both IoT and Smart Cities. This issue extends to all the layers of the stack- sensors, protocols, networks, middleware etc. Professor Solomon Darwin, Param Singh and Kilton Hopkins (IoT advisors for the City of San Francisco) will present a framework for what should be a vibrant discussion. For additional resources, see links below:

Read blog here & view presentation here.

Confirmed Guests:

Brad Buss, Chief Financial Officer,  SolarCity

Kilton Hopkins, CTO iotracks, Advisor Mayors’ office City of San Francisco

Munish Khetrapal, Managing Director – Smart Cities and IOT, CISCO

Christian Fritz, Research Area Manager at PARC

Arnie Lund, Experience Technology Leader & Human-systems Interaction Lab Manager, GE

Nitin Narkhede, General Manager, Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Ayan Mukerji, Host, Chief & Telecom and Product Enginerng Services

David Post, Executive Manager, Global Smarter Cities at IBM

Mohi Ahmed, Director of Open Innovation, Fujitsu

Param Singh, IoT Advisor to CIO of San Francisco, Advisor to IoT startups

Maria Carkovic, Executive Director, Institute for Business Innovation, Berkeley Haas

Solomon Darwin, Executive Director, Garwood Center, Berkeley Haas