International Companies Visited by Garwood:

  • LUXEMBOURG, May, 2014: The European Investment Bank hosted the Open Innovation Seminar. Professor Henry Chesbrough was invited as a keynote speaker to present on Open Innovation.
  • CHINA, July 2014: Professor Darwin was invited to teach at several universities in China. Professor Darwin speaks to university faculty members and students about Open Innovation and Open Business Models.
  • DUBLIN, June 2014: Henry Chesbrough presented at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference. Presentations focused on further developing Open Innovation concepts, and how it is impacting the world.
  • SPAIN, May 2014: On May 22, 2014, Professor Henry Chesbrough received an Honorary Doctorate from University of VIC A Catalonia, Spain.
  • RUSSIA, September 2014: Solomon Darwin received a special invitation to Skolkovo (the Silicon Valley hub of Russia) .



International Corporate Visitors to Garwood:

  • CHINA, April 2014: Over 70 Chinese executives learned about Open Innovation from Henry Chesbrough and Solomon Darwin.
  • JAPAN, April 2014: Japan executives visit Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose to learn about innovation processes, and how to best conduct research into the customer experience.
  • GERMANY, May 2014: Delegation members of Deutsche Bahn AG Germany visited the Garwood Center. The CFO of TechShop spoke of plans to expand to India, Europe, as well as universities.
  • KOREA, June 2014: Korea’s largest telecommunications company, SK Telecom visited the Garwood Center to learn about innovation culture and change management.
  • INDIA , July 2014: Indian executives from prominent Indian companies visited the Garwood Center. The visiting Chief Operating Officer of Apollo Hospitals committed resources and time for IBM Watson students to develop products for Indian market.