JAPAN- With the head of NEDO

JAPAN In November, 2013 A seminar by the Japan Silicon Valley Innovation Forum, comprised of NEDO and Japanese enterprises, held in Santa Clara, CA. Professor Chesbrough delivered alecture on benefits and challenges of open innovation.








INDIA In January 2013 UGBA 193i class visited India as part of its curriculum to learn about open innovation in emerging economies. Students were offered challenges by the following companies: Apollo Hospitals, GE, IBM, Philips, SAP & Xerox




COLUMBIA In November 2013 Professor Chesbrough interviewed by INNpaulsa (Government Agency)



SPAIN Professor Chesbrough was invited to Smart City Expo in Spain hosted by the World Bank. Participants shared experiences and learned about innovative projects designed to promote provision of public services in partnership with citizens via technology.



NORWAY In April, 2014Thirty board of directors from Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norwegian insurance company, visited Garwood to get an intensive education on open innovation.



JAPAN In March, 2014 NAMURA Research Institute, Japan’s largest consulting and IT consulting firm, visited Garwood for a potential collaboration.



NORWAY In March, 2014 BI Norwegian Business School’s MBA students engaged with Haas Undergrads in solving business model challenges of emerging economies during regular class sessions.



FRANCE In March 2014 Faurecia the 6th largest international automotive parts manufacturers in the world visited Garwood to seek innovative solutions to their current business practices.



GERMANY April, 2014 BASF, the world’s largest chemical company visited Garwood. Professor Darwin lectured on the advantages of Open Innovation strategies and concepts.



KOREA In March 2014 LG executives visited Garwood to learn about incorporating open innovation processes to their business model.