Garwood offers a new course in open innovation and business models for Evening and Weekend MBA students. This is an effort to support the initiative of the BUILD Program. Students are challenged to come up with new break-through business models for the following participating companies: DreamWorks, SAP, FedEx, WTA, Applied Materials, Tyco and UnitedHealthcare.  2guestspeakers-mba

“This class integrates Haas’s four defining principles and exemplifies our culture of collaborative learning. It’s a great opportunity to integrate open innovation into learning, as we prepare to be future leaders.”  

Sony Dhaliwal (Class of 2015)


“Open innovation is not really giving up a company’s trade secrets, but about reducing costs and discovering new revenue streams by not re-inventing the wheel. I highly recommended it for current and potential managers and entrepreneurs.” Sandeep Chakravorty (Class of 2014)


“The most exciting part of the class is solving real challenges for participating companies by applying the concepts of open innovation.”  Kamil Unver (Class of 2015)


“In this class you are inspired to incorporate the ‘open innovation process’ into building new business models for real companies.”     Betty Sun (Class of 2015) 


“Having worked at a high growth startup, it’s exciting to see how more established companies are tackling innovation and staying ahead of the competition. The class has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about innovation and provided a thought process behind open innovation for a company of any size.”    

Dash Victor (Class of 2014)