The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation is extending the Haas Community to India. One of the projects of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation is engaging with the Haas Alum network in Bangalore, India. There are 30 Haas Alum in India that will host our visit. We are engaging and revitalizing the Haas Alum by offering an Open Innovation Course. 

In January 2014, Professor Solomon Darwin will lead the travel study program, “UGBA 193-I: A Study of Potential Impact of Global Impact of Jugaad Innovation in India”, with Professor Henry Chesbrough and Navi Radjou serving as Research Advisors. The students will research and study “Open Innovation Business Models” that focus on Frugal Innovations (Jugaad Innovations). These are products and services that are offered at low cost/ high quality creating “Value for Many” vs. “Value for Money”, models that are more relevant to the majority of the world’s consumers of today and tomorrow. The Jugaad models being innovated in India have the potential to disrupt the high margin models in the developed world. In addition, they promote greener and more sustainable approaches to preserve our planet. While in India, the students will conduct a Business Model workshop at a large rural village school for aspiring Indian students with innovative ideas with resources constraints. Haas Alum will be encouraged to follow-up and mentor the bright students and encourage them in their entrepreneurial ventures once the team leaves.

Many innovations in health care, telemedicine, medical equipment, refrigeration, cookery and prosthetics, etc. fall into this category. Students will be exposed to models that originate in the third world but have a global appeal and impact in the developed world. Students will be exposed to telemedicine technology in rural villages employed by Apollo Hospitals.

The following is a list of companies students will visit and learning objectives:

  1. IDIOM in Bangalore: to discover how crowdsourcing can be used to speed up market research and accelerate innovation. Better understanding of how an open-source platform called DREAM:IN developed by IDIOM is being used to encourage the youth in India, Brazil, China, USA, to collaboratively find solutions to social-problems facing their societies.
  2. SELCO in Bangalore: to discover how SELCO, a solar energy system provider, is using an open innovation model to distribute and maintain its solar lanterns to 200,000 rural households in the remotest villages of India by leveraging a grassroots network of “micro-entrepreneurs.”
  3. GE Healthcare in Bangalore: to discover how a multinational is leveraging open innovation partnerships with entrepreneurs and midsize companies to bring quality healthcare (especially cancer treatment) at affordable prices to more Indians.
  4. Xerox’s R&D Lab in Bangalore: to learn how a multinational has built strong ties with local universities (IITs) and startups in India to co-create innovative solutions for India and global markets.

The Haas Undergraduate Travel Study Program Travel Study program offers Haas majors an opportunity to combine academic curriculum with an international engagement through travel with a faculty instructor. The program w o u l d be comprised of an academic course at Haas with an international experience leveraging the Haas Alumni Network. The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation awarded a $15,000 travel scholarship toward the Indian Business Model program to Erika Walker, Director of the Undergraduate Program Office, for students who are unable to purchase tickets for this trip.

Courses will run for six weeks from the eighth week of instruction to the fourteenth week. Travel will consist of two weeks during winter break (Jan 3 – 16) before Spring instruction begins.