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Table Topic:

How Can Your Firm Unlock Growth Opportunities
by Collaborating with Competitors?

Cases from Berkeley Coopetition Experts 

Chief Guests:

Frederic Le Roy,
Sea Matilda Bez,
Devi R. Gnyawali


April 14, 2017


12pm – 2:30pm (lunch provided)


Wells Fargo Room (C420),

Haas School of Business

Table Chair:  Solomon Darwin, Executive Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

Experts will discuss critical success factors and potential pitfalls to manage risk.

Coopetitioncollaboration between competing firms – is counter-intuitive but highly rewarding.


  1. Why are competitors relevant partners to create profit?
  2. How to manage this counter-intuitive strategy in capturing value for your company?
  3. What open business models are effective for successful collaboration with the competitor?

Experts will discuss the following case studies among others, highlighting the good the bad and the ugly:

  1. The Samsung and Sony case study (TV industry)
  2. The Airbus and Thales case study (Satellite industry)
  3. The Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi case study (Pharmaceutical industry)
  4. The Siemens Case Study (Transportation industry)
  5. Others of special interest to the participants

About the Speakers:

Henry Chesbrough, “Father of Open Innovation,” was the first person to clearly define this new innovation strategy that is restructuring R&D worldwide through his research and publications. He is a professor at the Haas School of Business and ESADE Business School. Chesbrough is Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, UC Berkeley.

Frédéric Le Roy is one of pioneers and leading professor of the coopetition strategy research in Europe. He is passionate about coopetition and created one of the largest European research laboratory on coopetition. This laboratory is recognized as a ‘laboratory of excellence’ for research initiatives and supported by the “Labex Entreprendre” of Montpellier. Le Roy is a professor in France at Montpellier Management Institute and Montpellier Business School. He publishes research articles and does consulting work on coopetition.  http://www.fredericleroy.com/

Sea Matilda Bez is a researcher on coopetition. She is one of the few experts on the counter-intuitive need of knowledge transparency in innovation projects between competitors. To develop this expertise, she worked closely with large Multinationals, particularly French companies involved in Paris-Dauphine’s chair of Competition Intelligence. Currently, she is at Montpellier Management Institute and is a member of the coopetition lab sponsored by “Labex Entreprendre”.

Devi R. Gnyawali is a Professor and Department Head in the Department of Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech. He is one of the most cited and internationally recognized scholars on coopetition. His research seeks to understand how and why firms collaborate with other firms, including their competitors. His research has extensively examined why firms engage in coopetition and how coopetition could help tacquire and co-develop knowledge to pursue innovations.  His research has been published in premier business journals and has won awards from national and international conferences and journals.



12:00pm – 12:30pm Guests should arrive at 12:00pm SHARP. Upon arrival, check in at reception desk to pick-up your name badge and lunch. Presentations begin directly after lunch.
12:30pm – 2:00pm

Table Topic: “How Can Your Firm Unlock Growth Opportunities by Collaborating With Competitors?” Moderated by: Professor Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Leading Panel Experts will discuss critical success factors and potential pitfalls to manage risk.

2:00pm – 2:30pm

Coffee and networking




  1.  Kaneka: Alan Walker, Vice President Marketing & Development
  2.  Indian Consulate, San Francisco: Ambassador Ashok , Consul General of India
  3.  Paradigm Mtuity: Aaron Simkin, General Manager
  4.  Siemens: Chenyang Xu, General Manager, next47 (a Siemens Company)
  5.  Wells Fargo: Christine Deakin, ‎EVP and Head of Corporate Strategy
  6.  VF Corporation: Dan Cherian, VP Innovation
  7.  Bank of the West: Dan Rosenbaum, Head of Strategy
  8.  UserZoom: Deborah Eudaley, CFO, UserZoom
  9.  Ericsson: Erik Ekudden, VP, Head of Group Technology Strategy & CTO Americas
  10.  Booja Technology: Gunso Kim, CEO
  11.  LeEco: Hardik Trivedi, Global Director, Mobile Devices Product Marketing & GTM
  12.  IBM: Jim Spohrer, Director, Cognitive OpenTech, IBM
  13.  Paradigm Mtuity: Krishna Prasad, Senior Director -Smart Cities
  14.  Red Ninja: Lee Omar, CEO
  15.  Maker Partners: Mark Hatch, CEO
  16.  Bank of the West: Michael Flynn, VP, Innovation & Strategy
  17.  Fujitsu: Mohi Ahmed, Senior Director, Open Innovation Gateway
  18.  Ericsson: Nimish Radia, Director of Research and Innovations
  19.  Wipro Ltd: Nitin Narkhede, General Manager – Emerging Technologies and Innovation
  20.  HCL America Inc: Pankaj Kumar, Associate Vice President & Gaming Officer
  21.  Tech Mahindra Americas:  Prateek Saxena, CEO – Startup, MicroGrid As A Service
  22.  Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco:  Ralph Kindred, Strategist
  23.  Johnson Controls: Robert Locke, SVP Corporate Development
  24.  Global Footprint Network: Ronna Kelly, Director of Marketing & Communications
  25.  Solix Technologies: Sai Gundavelli, CEO
  26.  Renault:  Serge Passolunghi, Director of Innovation
  27.  Paradigm Mtuity: Sridhar Gadhi, Founder & CEO
  28.  Swissnex, Steven Reading, Head of Corporate Innovation
  29.  Siemens: Swati Dasgupta, Director External Innovation
  30.  Apple: Todd Schofield, FSI Enterprise Lead
  31.  German Silicon Valley Innovators Inc.: Uwe Wagner, Managing Partner

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