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Garwood Faculty Research Grants

The Institute for Business Innovation launched the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation during the 2011-12 academic year.  Funded in part by the generous bequest of the Garwood family, and also supported by ongoing contributions from numerous companies, the Garwood Center is in the favorable position of being able to support faculty-led research proposals that reflect the corporate innovation mission of the Center.

Criteria for Selecting Proposals to Support:

The Garwood Center’s mission is to study the challenge of innovation in a corporate context.  This differs from an entrepreneurial context in that the existing businesses of the firm must be taken into account in any new innovation initiative.  The current business model of the firm, for example, might constrain that firm’s ability to pursue new business opportunities.  The organizational structure of the firm and its extant human capital may also advantage certain kinds of innovation while discouraging others.  Proposals that are consistent with the Garwood Center’s mission will be given preference in the selection process.  We also will give preference to proposals where the requestor is a young faculty member still building research funding sources for his or her work.


Faculty in any subject matter group within Berkeley Haas are encouraged to apply.  Proposals that cut across two or more academic disciplines are welcome.

Funding Amount:

Research grants are limited to a maximum of $15,000.

Application Guidelines

 To request funding, please submit your proposal to include all of the following:

  • A brief description of the research project objectives
  • The principal approach that will be used to achieve those objectives
  • A brief (one-page) summary of how the proposed funds will enable project completion.
  • A brief budget indicating the planned use of the funds.

Please note that this program will not reimburse meal expenses.
All expenditures are subject to existing University rules regarding the use of research funds.

For more information, see our FAQ page.

Proposal Information

Berkeley Haas faculty, are invited to submit proposals to the Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Henry Chesbrough , before October 1st.



September 6th: Call for Proposals issued

October 1st: Deadline for first round of submissions for funding

October: Follow up questions to requestors to clarify research proposals

November 1st:Awards for proposals announced

June 30th: One-page report of how funds were used by recipients is received

Past Recipients

Past Garwood Research Award Recipients


Cristina Banks, Senior Lecturer, Management of Organizations: Guides & Principles for Designing Healthy Workplaces 

Andreea Gorbatai, Assistant Professor, Management of Organizations: An Experiment Contrasting Crowd-Sourced and Private Marketplaces 

Jose Guajardo, Assistant Professor, Operations & Information Technology Management: Third party ownership in the U.S. Solar Energy Market 

Adair Morse, Assistant Professor, Finance: Financial Naiveté and Credit Constraints Randomized Evidence from Small Business in the UK. 

 Noam Yuchtman, Assistant Professor, Business & Public Policy: The Impact of Anti-Poaching Agreements Among Hi-Tech Firms 


Sara Beckman, Senior Lecturer and Sohyeong Kim, Ph.D. Student, Berkeley Haas: Chez Panisse: An Open Innovation Ecosystem in the Services Industry 

Robert Cole, Professor Emeritus, Management of Organizations: Killing Innovation Softly: Japanese Software Industry Challenges 

Rui de Figueiredo, Associate Professor, Business & Public Policy: Organizational Age and Organizational Change: Evidence from Hedge Fund Product Diversification 

 Raymond Miles, Professor Emeritus (Berkeley Haas) and Assistant Professor Laurent Scaringella (ESC Rennes School of Business): CEA-LETI: A New Twist on Government Investment in Innovation 

 Noam Yuchtman, Assistant Professor, Business & Public Policy: Understand Peer Effects in Financial Decisions