World Open Innovation Forum

Information for Potential Members

The World Open Innovation Forum (WOIF) is a new venue for corporate executives to benefit from the extensive research on innovation management at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. The Forum provides an ongoing window on innovation management and practice research going on at Berkeley and Silicon Valley. The Forum member companies serve as a community of non-competitive, innovation-minded companies who are willing to share problems and explore solutions to the challenges of managing innovation.

Annual Conference:

WOIF members attend at no additional charge the Garwood Center’s premier innovation conference: the World Open Innovation Conference, unique in its outreach and prospective value to both business managers and academic scholars.  By inviting some of the world’s leading organizations to share their open innovation challenges with our academic colleagues, we hope to foster stronger connections between business practice and academia. We also invite academic scholars to come and present their own research on the topic, and consider how their findings might improve the performance of real organizations.  For more information visit the World Open Innovation Conference Website.

The membership fee for the World Open Innovation Forum is $6,000 for a 3 year commitment, payable annually. 

Membership Benefits

1. One annual conference: (Day 1: Corporate Workshops; Day 2: Academic Research Sessions).

2. Members may bring up to 3 participants from their companies.

3. Network with corporate executives (from the Silicon Valley and other innovative companies) who are           attending the World Open Innovation Conference.

4. Access to researchers in the Open Innovation domain from around the world to recognize emerging           trends, frameworks, business models  and challenges.

5. Members will have special benefits:

    • Student engagement
    • Guest lecture opportunities at BerkeleyHaas

For more information please contact:

Solomon Darwin, phone: (510) 643-4133