Executive Education

Corporate Business Model Innovation: How to Identify New Sources of Growth

Most major corporations limit the scope of their innovation processes to the creation of new products or services within the confines of their pre-existing business model. While these companies spend millions on R&D to create these new offerings, they typically have no budget or process to launch new business models that might unlock new value. Yet no business model lasts forever. Business model innovation is just as essential as R&D to capture value and drive competitive advantage for companies. This program will help you and your company learn how to develop, evaluate and scale new business models inside your company.

The program is led by Berkeley Haas professor and father of open innovation, Henry Chesbrough. Professor Chesbrough pioneered the concept of open innovation models and created a new landscape of business development and innovation strategy. You will be introduced to new concepts in business model innovation, open innovation strategies, and applying startup models in a corporate context. The program will guide participants to reshape their thinking, assumptions and business strategies, to create and restructure teams to inspire innovation.

Lively and engaging sessions are filled with peer collaboration and the opportunity for participants to work on their own business models. Attend, and take advantage of this true opportunity to learn, practice, and absorb these entrepreneurial concepts taught by two inspiring, and engaging masters in the field of innovation.