“Globalization and commoditization are creating significant challenges for corporate innovation. To sustain growth and profits in today’s world, corporations will need to extend innovation beyond their products and technologies to business models and services.

The Garwood Center will focus on both academic research and management practices that address these challenges.”


Henry Chesbrough

Garwood Center for
Corporate Innovation


The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation focuses on large-enterprise innovation, paying particular attention to implementation issues and development of new business models to capture the value of innovative products and services.  

The Center houses activities of the former Center for Open Innovation, now renamed as the Open Innovation Program, and the Berkeley Innovation Forum, a membership organization dedicated to sharing knowledge about innovation challenges. Garwood is also the home of Haas@Work, an applied innovation-program employing student consulting teams to develop innovative solutions to business problems, and the Project on Business Model Innovation, offering grants for research on the corporate challenges in developing new business models.


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December 3-5: Napa, California

World Open Innovation Conference

1st World Open Innovation Conference

Call for Papers open til July 15
Call for Corporate Problems open til Sept. 1

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Solomon Darwin
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