The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation focuses on large-enterprise innovation, paying particular attention to implementation issues and development of new business models to capture the value of innovative products and services. The center houses the Open Innovation Program, the Berkeley Innovation Forum, a membership organization dedicated to sharing knowledge about innovation challenges and several other programs and conferences.

Programs for Executives

To promote interaction, crosslearning, networking, exchange of ideas and research across industries in an academic setting.

Programs for Students

Garwood Center offers students an opportunity to:  

    • Solve real world problems by leveraging Open Innovation.
    • Work with renowned academics & business executives.
    • Build relationship with multinational companies.
    • Open Innovation travel study in emerging economies.

Recent News + Events

World Open Innovation Conference

Berkeley Innovation Forum:

CIO Roundtable:

  • Location: Google
  • Chief Guest: Hal Varian
  • Date: October 28, 2016 
  • Topic: Predicting the Present with Search Engine Data